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Pastor Phil and Joann Patterson have done an excellent job of leading the congregation of Yucaipa Church of God since 1997.

Our Mission and Vision

We are fun, loving, sincere people who follow the teachings of Jesus and share life together.

Our local mission is to love, care for, and be a center of hope to our neighborhood.

Our primary world 🌎 mission is to support and change lives spiritually and physically of the children of Ecuador.
To accomplish this goal we give monthly to help provide food, education and child care. 
We are a primary sponsor of “Christmas in Ecuador” where we raise funds to provide Christmas gifts, clothing, food and the message of Jesus's love.

We partner with our missionaries Bobby & Tamitha Lynch (see www.LoveGodServeOthers.com) to change the lives and futures of the children of Ecuador. 

Services of Yucaipa Church of God



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